Still Alive

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Yeah, BoW still livin´ and I´m working on it. The funny thing is I haven´t released anything and already announcing that I´m going to remove  the Land-Feature from the game, because after some testing and programming, I came to the conclusion that this aspect slowdowns stronlgy the gameplay.  Next week I will leak some more information.


Waiting so long

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I decided to make a more playable map, because the game offers so many oppurtunities, which I can´t show in a single tech-demo. This means that a release will come out much later than I thought. Sorry for that. =(

The Base

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Victory(Awards):  If you achieved an amount of  awards you win the game! The conditions for achieving an award are unknown, so after many games, there are still some secrets to reveal.

1.  Awards(Spells) For casting many spells you achieve awards.

2.  Awards(Creatures) For summoning many creatures or some special creatures you achieve awards.

3.  Awards(Points) For killing many enemies you achieve awards.

The deck

4. Library At the beginning of the game you choose a hero. Every hero have other spells in their library, which produce every 30 seconds a random spell (of this library) for you. After the library produced 60 spells you will lose the game, but don´t worry. If you don´t take the recent spell, no further spell will produced.


5. Lands During the game you must find lands to increase the maximum of mana of your hero. With these lands the heroes are able to cast expensive spells. You can have only 12 lands at the same time, which are seperated in SLOT-categories. This means that you can have only one land of every slot-type. I will give this aspect of the game a whole new post, because of it´s complexity. So, explanations will follow.


6. Power-Ups In this store you can buy a huge amount of power ups, like more damage, more defense or other abilities, for your hero.

Spells & Artifacts

7. Bazaar 2 (Alpha-Name) In this shop your hero can find and buy new spells, which are better than the spells of “Bazar 1”. In  addition both bazaars are storing the spells you get through award-achievement.

8. Bazaar (Alpha-Name) Look at “Bazaar 2”.


9. Portal The portal allows your hero to leave and enter the base. Opponents aren´t able to enter bases of their enemies.


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Little Update: It´s possible to achieve awards like in Smash Bros. Melee. With them you can buy new spells. Ah, “someguy” made the first comment. Thank you for dissin´me, but you were to lazy to give me some corrections. “Your english is so incredibly bad”. You don´t tell me anything new…mmh so fuck you.

How Strong?

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I´m still brainstorming about the strength of the heroes. I´m not sure if they can only fight in the arena or the whole playtime, but I prefer the last one. Most of the basics are done, the map itself is playable, what is fine.  So, I can start with the creeps. It´s pretty the same like in Angel Arena. There are spawning in a closed area, which has a door opening a perodic time window. The spells are spawning in different places on the map, hidden in some boxes or appearing after accomplishing an event. At the moment I´m in a good mood to tell you more about the game, maybe because I have drunk a little bit ;-), but my girl friend is going on my nerves now, so please be patient. Something big is growing here and I´m not exaggerating.

So much work

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Yesterday I began working in the kitchen of our local hospital, so from now on I haven´t so much time to work on Battle of Wits, but there will be still a process. Today I worked a bit on the interface and did some mapping.  When I decided how strong the heroes themselves will influence the gameplay besides their use of spells, the creation of spells, lands, artifacts and creatures can begin. While doing that, I will think about events and special spells. On sunday I will post another update, so stay tuned!

Arena FIGHT!

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I´m so glad. I´m soooooooooooooooooooo fucking happy. I spend over 5 hours to get the arena-fights working.  Now I think that the basics of the game are complete, so I can finish the interface. Then I will mapping while bothering which position the heroes will take related to fighting outside the arena. Ah, maybe you don´t know what I´m talkin´ about. The arena in Battle of Wits has some kind the same function like in Angel Arena with the little difference that you are fighting up to four players in my arena.