Battle of Wits goes online!

Hello! I welcome you to the battleofwits-blog.  Maybe you askin´ : ,,What´s that shit?”  So, to answer your question, I will use this blog to protocol the process of my  project, a Warcraft 3 – Map, which has the name, yes you guessed right, Battle of Wits. It´s a crossover between Angel Arena and Magic The Gathering with an amazing and complex  skill-system. Believe me, ist totally new. Second, i will use this blog to improve my English”skills”. So, please, don´t feel hesitated to correct my grammatical errors. You must know, I´m only a german Kid, who left school this year and I really don´t want wastin my time talkin´german ;).

The next days I will update this blog with further information.


~ by battleofwits on June 21, 2009.

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