My name is Freshness and I´m the creator of Battle of Wits, a Warcraft 3 Map-project.  I came up with this name, because it´s a famous card in the Magic The Gathering – world, which name represents the style of the gameplay of my map at its best. Loving both games,  I started to think how I can bring the complexity of Magic to an action-based Warcraft-Map. Many brainstorms later I had the basics of the system in my head, the only thing to do is to realize them in the editor. To keep this as a secret I can tell you that you know elements from some other maps like Angel Arena and some other hero-maps, but in Battle of Wits I included a really new ability-system with a bunch of oppurtunities. So believe me that this game allows you tons of strategies. At this point, I don´t want to say more about Battle of Wits, because when you reading this text, I´ve only worked seven days on the game, so be patient. I will update this blog very often and maybe in some weeks I can present you some footage, tech-demos and some other stuff.

stay tuned


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